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Experience the convenience

One Touch Payment

One tap convenient and contactless payment for fast Refueling / EV Charging / Battery Swapping

Real Time

On demand visibility over fuel and charging transactions and expenses

Payment Control

What you pay!
When you pay!
Where you pay!


Go green with a fully digital solution

Cost Reduction

Minimise the need for expensive PoS hardware

How It Works

Nearby Stations

Navigate either to the nearest, or your preferred Fuel / EV Charging / Battery Swap station

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Fuel Payments

Contactless, Cardless payments for Refueling / EV Charging / Battery Swapping

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Realtime Records

Digital automated invoices, transaction history and reports for all your registered vehicles and drivers

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Credit Agreements

Customisable pre-set and auto enforced limits for authorizing and tracking credit transactions

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Key Features

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Fuel Pricing

Check advertised fuel prices for all verified fuel stations

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Track Drivers

Track the phone location of your registered drivers to monitor your vehicle whereabouts

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Follow Me

Conveniently and safely follow another registered vehicle (only where authorized via App) without the need to physically see them

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Pay 4 Pal

Pay for a friend in need and share the receipt in real time

Coming Soon

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging /
Battery Swap Stations (BSS)

  • Book Charging Stations Slots and pay via EFUEL APP
  • Check availability and swap batteries via EFUEL App

E-commerce (Shop for in-store products / service via app)

  • On-demand Shopping and Service while you refuel

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